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Automatic calibration

The configuration of Davantis systems is easy and fast, furthermore, Davantis-enabled systems come with machine learning capabilities that take account of changes in the environment, such as variations in light, shadow movements, cloud movements, periods of rain, plants and objects blowing in the wind, changing seasons, even insects and birds flying across monitored areas.

It takes less than 5 minutes to set up each camera using our patented SmartWalk technology, which automatically calculates the model's viewing scene by simply walking in front of the camera.

With Davantis this is an easy and intuitive task thanks to the software that allows a quick familiarization with the operation of the same and its interface clear and simple.

Our systems correctly configured, generate very few false alarms and alarms can be video checked very quickly.




At Davantis we design all our video analysis and perimeter protection products with our own technology. Davantis video analytics systems can be incorporated into any new or existing video surveillance infrastructure with analog or IP cameras, either visible or thermal, and can be integrated with any hardware manufacturer.

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