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Accurate Video Detection is CRITICAL!

There are an increasing number of AI companies, offering filtering of false video alarms. This is not the correct starting point for effective video monitoring. First - you have to accurately detect all real intrusions. It will not help that you filter out 99,9% of false alarms, when you fail to detect one critical intrusion.

So effective (outdoor) video monitoring starts with AI algorithms that can accurately detect the most difficult intrusions - think someone crawling on their stomach at long distance, or someone darkly dressed on a dark, poorly lit and rainy scene. That is where it matters, first!

Only once AI delivers truly accurate intrusion detection, should you consider reducing false alarms, as a secondary issue. And great AI algorithms offer you both the accurate true initial detection, plus the ability to significantly reduce false alarms in a single package. 

We cover various aspects of video monitoring as a service, with specific focus on outdoor video detection and monitoring, in a 10-part series. Follow us and watch out for the next post!

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