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What type of video monitoring do you offer?

Most monitoring providers already offer video monitoring services. But all video monitoring services, are not equal. Which one do you offer your clients?

  • Live video monitoring, with an operator raising alarm when an intrusion is observed. Least effective - as it requires operators to view many cameras, for large periods of time, in the hope that they will observe an intrusion when it happens.
  • Using video for verification, after receiving an intrusion panel alarm. Better, but still limited - highly probable that by the time the operator links to the video feed, the intruder has moved out of camera sight. Often needs the operator to ‘search’ for an intruder, wasting valuable time.
  • Using video detection analytics to raise an intrusion alarm, and immediately seeing the cause that triggered the alarm at the central monitoring station. This is ideal since it allows immediate visual display at central station, where the operator can make a split-second decision on reaction options.

We cover various aspects of video monitoring as a service, with specific focus on outdoor video detection and monitoring, in a 10-part series. Follow us and watch out for the next post!

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