DAVANTIS integrates Moniplus systems

Moniplus systems have integrated a new DAVANTIS video analytics module. This powerful technology is installed in alarm control center for smart alarm management with just a couple of clicks, reducing reaction times to a matter of seconds and improving the the operator’s efficiency allowing him to know the cause of the alarm. The action protocol is also easy to configure and amend.
Equipped with this DAVANTIS solution, Moniplus now gives more extensive, smarter coverage. The integration provides comprehensive information about security alerts in three clicks. Click one provides users with an instant photo with a frame around whatever triggered the alarm. This is followed by a ten-second video clip showing the movement of whatever activated the alarm. Lastly, the system gives direct access to image from the camera that activated the alarm to make a real-time analysis of the threat in mere seconds. 

DAVANTIS is 100% specialised in video analytics for perimeter security. We have more than 15 years’ experience in the sector, giving our service  a minimum margin of error and enabling us to act in an advisory capacity.

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