Indra and DAVANTIS: Smart integration iSIM

When it comes to security, technology holds the key. The software chosen for monitoring and detecting unauthorised visitors is crucial to offer broad coverage and effective perimeter security. DAVANTIS specialises in video analytics, a technology that ensures maximum versatility and seamless integration with different platforms to convert any video surveillance system (CCTV) into a smart system with unrivalled detection capacity and historically low false alarm rate.

Both Indra and DAVANTIS specialise in perimeter security that goes beyond sector expectations. Indra has spent more than 30 years innovating and implementing security systems like the iSIM platform. It offers constant information about the situation on any monitored site for streamlined integrated system control. With security camera management technology, iSIM improves efficiency and offers maximum flexibility.

What are the advantages of DAVANTIS for iSIM platform users?

DAVANTIS video analytics systems integrate successfully in the Indra iSIM solution, making Control Centres more efficient. Our video analytics technology based on Deep Learning algorithms maximises the detection of intruders and alarm management capacity. Our smart video analytics solution identifies the cause of the alert with live camera images and recovered recorded video, the result of which is effective alarm management that keeps costs low and improves surveillance and the process of obtaining information from videos.

“The integration of the iSIM platform with the Davantis solution is in line with the change of paradigm toward more complex systems with a high level of integration” Meritxell Bassols Tayeda, Program Manager.

DAVANTIS is committed to providing technological solutions based on artificial intelligence that ensure a high return on investment (ROI) in perimeter security installations, not only because they are so easy to install, but also because of their capacity to achieve a drastic reduction in false alarms (more than 90%).

Get detailed information about the DAVANTIS integration with iSIM by Indra here.

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