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What use is an alarm if you can’t see what triggered it?

Better security:
visually verified alarms

Upgrade your passive video surveillance system to a real-time surveillance system with visually verified alarms and save time and money. 

Compatible with all camera brands and all software automation platforms. Act now before it’s too late!

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Efficient security, at last

DFUSION is the only system with two AI video detection engines to see a security breach the second it happens

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Video analytics?
DFUSION outperforms camera analytics

Super simple!

Quick and intuitive configuration
Peace of mind, without false alarms
Reliable detection in complex conditions
More security, fewer resources
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Powerful technology –
working like MAGIC!

DFUSION can detect intruders at long distances, partly hidden and poorly lit, avoiding false alarms caused by plants, trees, small animals, insects, spiders, vehicle lights, heavy rain, wind, etc.

If you don’t install DFUSION, you’ll get left behind

Act now, before it’s too late! Merely recording what happens on their properties just isn’t enough. Offer your clients the highest standards of protection and peace of mind with DFUSION. Transform their cameras into an active intruder-detection system with real-time alarm verification. Get maximum detective and avoid bothering your clients at 5 a.m.!

Accuracy at the Source! Maximum detection and minimum false alarms

Sick of false alarms? Save time and money with DFUSION! Our video analytics software is easy to integrate with any CMS, PSIM or VMS platform, allowing Monitoring Stations to check alert images in seconds and decide which protocols to activate.

Busting SIX MYTHS about outdoor perimeter security

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Compatible with all makes of hardware and can be integrated in CMS, VMS and PSIM

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We’ve tested it against other products when we were first looking for an analytics solution and nothing came anywhere near. And even after ten years, that product has just got better and better. And we would not look at any other product for perimeter security. It’s absolutely first class and probably the best in the world

Ed Kohut,
Technical Director Bi3

DFUSION is a massive improvement when it comes to false alarms… This advanced deep-learning-based system is 100% reliable and reduces these false positives to the absolute minimum

Javier Martínez,
Sales Director of Casmar

I believe it is the only dual-engine technology to have CPNI approval, and CPNI is not an easy thing to acquire. It’s an extremely difficult process

Glen Higson,
Managing Director Bi3

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