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Integral perimeter protection solutions

See how we use video analytics for perimeter protection

Our video analytic systems allows remote access to the sites to manage images, videos and live cameras at any time
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  • DFUSION · Effectiveness in Perimeter Security: Reduction of False Alarms
  • DFUSION · Recognition Pets vs Intruders
  • DFUSION · False Alarms Reduction
  • DFUSION · Insects in Security Camera & Intruder Detection
  • DFUSION · False Alarm Reduction for Insects in Cameras
  • DFUSION · Person Detection in open-space during night
  • DFUSION · Perimeter Security: Heavy rain? Poor lighting?
  • DFUSION · Bad Weather Conditions
  • DFUSION · Intruder Detection long distances daylight
  • Detection Person at Industrial Warehouse during night
  • Intruder Detection in the night with Street Lights
  • Real Detection Person Jumping Fence at Night with Street Lights