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icono total integration

Total integration

Compatible with alarm management platforms such as CMS, VMS and PSIM to create integrated perimeter security systems that include alarm notifications and intrusion evaluation by CCTV.

icono Fewer false alarms

Fewer false alarms

With two detection engines, our video analytics systems combine algorithms that blend image appearance and motion with maximum accuracy to reduce false alarms without missing detections.

icono right solution

The right solution

Golf courses and other leisure facilities are often located far from urban areas. However, DFUSION adapts to these circumstances by improving accuracy and providing more calibration options for your security system.

icono Real-time

Real-time images

Facilities with long perimeters require real-time access to all CCTV cameras and images to facilitate alarm verification and trigger security guidelines.

Image Coverage over long distances

Coverage over long distances

Our smart video analytics solutions process massive numbers of images per second 24/7, making them incredibly accurate and able to detect very small objects over long distances, reducing the risk of non-detections.

Image Non-stop real-time day and night monitoring

Non-stop real-time day and night monitoring

Our systems give immediate, real-time access to images from CCTV cameras for proper monitoring and surveillance of the situation. All alarms are well managed, and security protocols can be activated instantly for any detection.

Image Quick intruder detection

Quick intruder detection

Intelligent video analytics systems are effective in the early detection of intruders and objects, allowing you to take action before an attack or criminal act can take place. Layering complementary technologies can secure your perimeter for maximum protection and security on golf courses.

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CPNI Certification

Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure