Daview, Video analytics for
Perimeter Security


Price and flexibility for each security project

Daview S
img-bg-daview Powerful video
analytics for industries

67 m (73 yd) Day/night camera235 m (257 yd) Thermal camera

Virtual Onvif
Combination of rules
Integration with VMS, CMS and PSIM
Why choose DAVIEW S?

Perimeter security is a maximum priority for industrial premises, and a major aspect of any security and surveillance plan. The DAVIEW S video analytics solution for video surveillance systems is a valuable ally for the industrial sector. It is compatible with all security systems on the market and integrates seamlessly with any alarm monitoring centre, CRA or PSIM for speedy alarm verification, ensuring an immediate response.

Video Análisis Perimetral para Pequeñas Instalaciones
Perimeter Video Analysis for Industries

Theft, vandalism, industrial espionage and tampering are crucial hazards for the industrial community. That’s why it is so important to have an excellent video analytics technology solution. DAVIEW S is compatible with all types of CCTV security hardware and can be installed in just five minutes. This video surveillance system is ideal for protecting highly critical areas, providing around-the-clock protection with a high level of precision, detecting intruders while dramatically reducing false alarm rates.

Gama Daview S
Powerful video analytics
Daview LR
img-bg-daview Critical infrastructures
and long distances
Advanced Features

120 m (131 yd) Day/night camera
505 m (552 yd) Thermal camera

High resolution analysis
Anti-dead zone corridor view
Smart PTZ
Stabiliser for adverse conditions
Virtual IR for thermal cameras
Why choose DAVIEW LR?

Critical infrastructures and large installations require efficient, cost-effective perimeter security. DAVIEW L/R reduces the cost of running a CCTV video surveillance system to the minimum, harnessing video analytics technology to give superior coverage to perimeters with maximum precision detection and a drastic reduction in false alarms. It is fully compatible with all makes of software and integrates with any CRA or PSIM monitoring station, leaving you free to design the best CCTV installation to meet your needs.

Video Análisis Perimetral para Pequeñas Instalaciones
Perimeter Video Analysis for Critical Infrastructures

Logistics centres, airports, solar power plants, military installations, power stations, museums and many other facilities require a 100% effective perimeter security system. That’s why DAVIEW LR is renowned as the leading video analytics system in the sector. It is capable of reducing false alarms by more than 90% and detecting trespassers quickly. With this system in place, your property will be better protected with few human resources, maximising ROI in any control centre, monitoring station or PSIM.

Gama Daview LR
The best remote system
Tecnología SmartWalk

Configure each camera in less than 5 minutes with our SmartWalk.

  • Quick and easy to install
  • Highly intuitive software
  • Remote maintenance
  • Compatible with ONVIF protocol
  • Integrates with all CMS and PSIM
  • Relays for activating external devices
  • High-performance perimeter protection
  • Software compatible with all systems
Tecnología DFUSION

Software compatible with all systems totally efficient alarm verification

Real perimeter security detection

Detección con Daview MINI
Detection with Daview
Detección con Daview S
Detection with Daview S
Detección con Daview LR
Detection with Daview LR
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