Video analytics solutions for control centers


A CMS (Central Monitoring Station) is a specialized facility that plays a crucial role in monitoring and managing electronic security systems. The CRA receives alarm signals from different security devices, such as intruder detection systems, technical alarms, and video surveillance systems.

A Central Receiving Station plays a central role in the security chain, acting as a command center that coordinates rapid and effective responses to security events in monitored locations.


VMS (Video Management System) is a software platform used to manage, view, and store videos from surveillance systems and security cameras. A VMS provides various functionalities for the efficient control of video surveillance in commercial, industrial, or public safety environments.

A VMS is an essential tool in the field of security for the effective and centralized management of video surveillance systems, facilitating real-time event monitoring and response.


PSIM (Physical Security Information Management) is a comprehensive physical security information management system. This type of platform is designed to integrate and coordinate information from multiple security systems, such as video surveillance, access control, and intruder detection systems, among others.

The main goal of PSIM is to provide operators and security personnel with a unified and contextualized view of information, enabling them to make informed and quick decisions in critical situations.

In summary, a PSIM system acts as a unified command center that optimizes the monitoring and management of various elements of physical security in a specific facility or area.