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Our systems detect people and vehicles. Our technology enables detection at long distances and in adverse conditions such as low lighting, vegetation, wind, rain, fog, etc. We use deep learning algorithms to combine appearance and movement, for more efficient detection and minimal false alarms.


Our video analytics solution is designed to accurately distinguish between real intrusions and false alarms. Advanced algorithms filter out the movements of animals, changing weather, and moving vegetation, thereby eliminating false positives and significantly improving the overall system accuracy. This allows security personnel to swiftly identify the type of threat, facilitating immediate action.

DFUSION analyzes images to accurately determine whether a person, vehicle, animal, or other object is in the camera’s field of view. This ensures the perimeter surveillance and control system operates with maximum precision, effectively discarding alarms triggered by insects, weather conditions (storms, strong winds), and other irrelevant factors.


In the event of sabotage, our system is equipped to respond swiftly. DFUSION’s video analytics includes intelligent anti-tampering systems that instantly trigger technical alarms in response to any attempt to sabotage CCTV cameras. This ensures that appropriate measures can be implemented within seconds, maintaining the security of the area.


Outdoor perimeter surveillance and control systems sometimes produce high-quality images, hindering the functioning of video analytics systems. However, our patented detection technology, combined with advanced machine learning techniques, allows us to analyze all types of images. DFUSION deals with difficult-to-detect intrusions even at long distances.

By integrating DFUSION with cameras, we enhance video analytics capabilities and tailor solutions to each installation in critical infrastructure, industrial, or residential settings.


Not all systems are equal, and many video analytics systems still generate endless false alarms, causing headaches for security personnel. Our solutions drastically reduce false alarms without sacrificing detections. The verification process is incredibly quick and intuitive, so operators can manage alarms within seconds. We integrate with the vast majority of management platforms (CMS, VMS, and PSIM), giving real-time access to images after detection and enabling control centers to quickly analyze and evaluate each event.

With action protocols and low operating costs, our solution ensures rapid response to genuine alarms and mitigates the nuisance of false alarms.


If your system is unreliable, these situations trigger an unmanageable number of false alarms. DFUSION significantly reduces false alarms and minimizes damage and vandalism caused by intruders. Given the exposure of property to various weather conditions, it is crucial to have technology that quickly activates alarms in case of intrusions, sabotage, or technical camera issues.

Combined with deep learning-based algorithms, our DFUSION range effectively merges image appearance and movement for precise detection while minimizing non-detections. This approach optimizes the effectiveness of CCTV surveillance systems and greatly reduces false alarms, thus optimizing operational costs. Our video analytics technology continuously and accurately analyzes numerous images per second, even in low-quality conditions such as rain, fog, and low light. This ensures DFUSION can effectively scrutinize image details in challenging environmental circumstances, improving overall security performance.


Our systems are compatible with most camera manufacturers and other security devices. We can integrate with existing cameras on-site and transform a passive recording system into a virtual watchdog.


Our video analytics system integrates seamlessly with all CMS, VMS, or PSIM alarm management platforms for efficient service to control centers.

DFUSION also allows real-time access to CCTV images, streamlining alarm verification processes.

Complete integration with other security systems is essential to maximize the effectiveness of video surveillance systems. By integrating video analytics with CMS, PSIM, and VMS platforms, overall security is improved.


DFUSION’s intelligent video analytics enables proactive threat detection, real-time monitoring, and image verification for immediate response. Leveraging AI capabilities and deep learning-based algorithms, DFUSION analyzes video data in real time, interpreting movement and appearance to accurately identify criminal behavior. This allows organizations to quickly detect and address security threats and prevent any crime before it occurs.


With DFUSION, you can activate various deterrents, from speakers to lights and sprinklers. Once an intrusion is verified, the system allows remote and immediate activation of deterrent measures. Additionally, our app enables security personnel to control the installation and take action.


Thanks to our Patented ClickThru Technology, you’ll always know what triggered the alarm. Control centers can verify any alarm within seconds and react by activating security protocols as they deem fit.
It’s a unique, simple, effective system integrated with most CMS, VMS, and PSIM alarm management software.


DFUSION video analytics is versatile and adaptable to many environments, making it ideal for a wide range of projects covering many sectors and applications. Our systems are installed in residential areas, small and medium-sized facilities, and critical high-security infrastructures. Our video analytics technology is adaptable to meet the specific requirements of each project.



DAVANTIS solutions are certified by the NPSA, the British government’s National Technical Authority for Physical and Personal Security. The NPSA works with government, police, industry and educational institutions to reduce security risks in the country’s infrastructures.

To achieve this accreditation, systems are tested to the highest standards, and very few succeed in passing these tests.

This means that our video analytics can be used for the protection of any UK government site, including buildings, military installations and national infrastructure. DFUSION is the first AI-integrated video analytics system to achieve NPSA approval. Whether government, commercial, public or private, DAVANTIS offers the highest quality of protection.

Secured by Design (sbD) is a UK Police initiative that rigorously tests security equipment before recommending it as a preferred technology. DAVANTIS is the only video analytics system with SbD accreditation.


At DAVANTIS, we design our systems so that any user can manage and monitor the interface seamlessly. It’s an intuitive, user-friendly interface with easy access to system controls and monitoring functions. With DAVANTIS, users can efficiently manage and monitor the system, ensuring optimal performance and security at all times.


Protecting large perimeters can be expensive in terms of surveillance and security devices. Our video analytics software allows monitoring and control over larger perimeters while reducing installation costs. Our solution also enables managing many more facilities with fewer resources.


DAVANTIS technical support offers unlimited free customer services so that users can resolve issues via telephone or email.

Our team of engineers is available from Monday to Friday from 8 am to 7 pm (CET) / 9 am to 6 pm (EST).

At DAVANTIS, we prioritize customer assistance and technical support. We offer comprehensive support options, including dedicated customer service representatives who quickly respond to questions and issues.

Check our support plans here: https://www.davantis.com/en/support-plans/


At DAVANTIS, we offer Free training sessions tailored to our customers’ specific needs. We believe it is important for our customers to have knowledge and skills to maximize the benefits of our solutions. Whether it’s technical assistance or training, DAVANTIS is committed to ensuring that our customers have the resources they need for their security.

Visit our training section and discover all available courses.



Your confidence makes us leaders

If I had to describe DAVANTIS in one sentence, I would say it’s reliable, it’s trustworthy. DFUSION offers you the solution You need for each project

Bjarte Henning, CEO Focus Security


The technical support that we get from DAVANTIS is second to none. We find the product probably the best in the market

Ed Kohut, Technical Director at Bi3

United Kingdom

This advanced deep-learning-based system is 100% reliable and reduces these false positives to the absolute mínimum

Javier Martínez, Sales Director of Casmar


With DAVANTIS, we have all the tools we need to tackle any security requirement

Ramón Palou, CEO of ONSECUR


I believe is the only dual-engine technology to have CPNI approval, and CPNI is not an easy thing to acquire. It’s an extremely difficult process

Glen Higson, Managing Director Bi3

United Kingdom

We now have an accurate, robust system that gives us peace of mind and a security system we can rely on

Jaume Rigau, Security Advisor of Cortal


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We answer your questions on perimeter video analytics

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Compatible with all makes of hardware and can be integrated in CMS, VMS and PSIM

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