Casos de Éxito: Vídeo Análisis y Seguridad Perimetral


Intelligent Video Analytics Systems for all types of critical facilities and infrastructures

Maximum accuracy for all installations

Imagen preview sector Residencial
Icono casa Residential
Imagen preview sector inductrial
Icono industrial Industrial
Imagen preview sector aeropuertos
Icono aeropuertos AirportsCritical infrastructure
Cuadro Electricas
Plantas electricas Energy
Cuadro Transporte
Transporte icono TransportationCritical infrastructure
Cuadro Prisiones
Prision Icono Prisons Critical infrastructure
Cuadro Educacion
icono educacion Education
Icono Solar Solar farms
Categoria Ocio
Ocio icon Leisure
Categoria Aparcamientos
icono aparcamientos Parking lots / Dealerships
Logistica Cuadro
Logistica camion Logistics
Carrito Establishments
Imagen Industrial

A powerful, scalable system for the industrial sector

Fondo Aeropuerto

Powerful video analytics for critical sites

Imagen Edificio

The most cost-effective four-channel solution for small sites

Case studies

Perimeter security requires a reliable technological system capable of performing real-time detection and minimising false alarms. Our DFUSION video analytics solutions feature artificial intelligence that goes beyond deep learning to achieve the highest standards of accuracy and efficiency in perimeter control and protection.

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