Integration DAVANTIS - Micro Key

At DAVANTIS we are always developing new features to integrate with our video analytics solutions for perimeter protection. We do this by collaborating with leading central monitor station and alarm control software developers.
This time, we been working on a solution with the MICRO KEY Solutions team of experts. The firm has been specialising in the security alarm, monitoring centre and government facility management market for more than 35 years, offering robust systems at affordable prices. More than 4,000 users in 43 countries around the world can vouch for the quality and reliability of its automated monitoring solutions.  
All MICRO KEY users can now receive DAVANTIS alarms in their alert management software, ensuring an unprecedented false alarm reduction for their customers. DAVANTIS detects intruders in even the most demanding environments and at extremely long distances.
The purpose of this integration is to maintain direct collaboration with leading industry companies to offer our users unbeatable compatibility and the freedom to design the most suitable video surveillance system for every project.