Protection of Louvre Abu Dhabi

Louvre Abu Dhabi has entrusted Davantis with the installation of our security systems to guarantee the protection of the new Louvre Museum located in Abu Dhabi. With a total perimeter of 24.000 m2 and over 400 surveillance cameras, the museum will be home to a large art collection from around the world. Architect Jean Nouvel, has been in charge of the design of this museum-city, where the centerpiece is a huge seemingly floating silvery dome. This extraordinary dome of 180 meters and almost 8000 stars defines a complex geometric pattern. It is designed so that the sunlight filters through creating an inspiring effect that means to represent the palm trees of the United Arab Emirates.

• Critical installation of 24,000 m2
• Over 400 surveillance cameras with DAVANTIS security systems
• The total weight of the dome is 7,500 tonnes
• The largest star is 13 m in diameter
• Louvre Abu Dhabi is 40 m above sea level