Embedded or server-based video analytics?

  • 10 Jan 2023
  • by davantiseditor

Video analytics is already a key feature of both indoor and outdoor security systems. That’s why many CCTV cameras have built-in video analytics functions, known as “embedded analytics”. But how effective is in-camera video analysis in protection and alarm triggering? How does it differ from server-based video analytics systems? This article clarifies the main features of in-camera video analytics –edge analytics – and server-based solutions like DFUSION.


Video analytics technology increases the efficiency and accuracy of security systems and reduces security and monitoring personnel’s workload. This applies particularly to artificial intelligence-based systems. 


Artificial intelligence (AI) based video analytics solutions identify and track objects and people and recognise and classify different types of activity, giving high levels of protection and security. However, edge analytics does not work in the same way as server-side video analytics. Here are some of the differences: Take note!


The physical installation is the most obvious difference. Server-based systems are external and connect to the CCTV camera for real-time video transmission analysis. In embedded systems, video analysis takes place within the camera. However, the main differences are not merely physical and impact performance, capacity and effectiveness. 


Server-based solutions use greater computing power in the server itself. What’s more, DFUSION servers have a GPU (video graphics card) exclusively for video analysis. 


Embedded video analysis is usually embedded in a tiny chip inside the camera, reducing processing capacity and efficiency.  As well as the risk of missing real detections, in-camera video analytics can trigger numerous false alarms, which are unmanageable for control centres. Can you afford to let a real detection escape your security system?


Let’s focus on two basic concepts: compatibility and integration. Server-based solutions can be connected to any camera and brand of equipment, while with embedded systems, all cameras must be upgraded and replaced, which is extremely costly. 


Opting for a server-based video perimeter analysis system is quick and simple, as they are compatible with any security camera, so you can improve your facilities effectively without replacing existing ones. 


All security installations need to include deterrent measures and video surveillance systems. DAVANTIS server-based video analytics systems are simple to combine with all kinds of deterrent hardware through relays or IP integration


The advantages of a server-side video analysis system include: 


Increased computing power

GPU exclusively for video analysis

Total freedom of choice of every camera manufacturer

Enhanced integration with monitoring stations

Deterrent measures are activated via relays 

Multiple camera transmission analysis


In short, there are still major differences between these systems in terms of accuracy and performance. In-camera video analysis has limitations that reduce its efficiency, while server-based solutions can have custom functions to ensure detection accuracy, even over long distances and in highly complex settings. 


In the case of DFUSION, the technology uses a double detection engine that combines appearance and movement, maximising safety even in low visibility and difficult situations (due to the environment or distances). 


Another limitation of the in-camera video analytics cameras is their behaviour in case of technical problems. Communication losses, signal outages, and sabotage notifications are commonplace. These incidents must be permanently controlled to have a reliable, image-based perimeter security system you can trust.


So far, many of the installers opting for in-camera video analytics are less than enthusiastic. This is because they are plagued by false alarms, slow, ineffective alert verification, and numerous non-detections that allow burglars to slip through the net. The high rate of false positives, insecurity and high operating costs even persuade clients to do without video analysis in their security systems. 


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