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Convert your Daview in DFUSION

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¿What is _XTENSION?

DFUSION_Xtension is a cloud-based service that upgrades Daview to DFUSION.

Who is it for?

DFUSION_Xtension is ideal for clients with older units who want to upgrade their systems and benefit from the advantages of DFUSION without the expense of purchasing new equipment.

Why _Xtension?

It is superior and much more effective than a simple alarm filtering system


False alarms?

Avoid false alarms caused by obstructions, plants, insects and spiders in cameras, heavy rain, car lights and other unintentional triggers.

Complicated detections?

It is capable of detecting intruders at far distances or partly hidden, provided the person is only 25% visible.

If connection fails, your Daview Unit will continue to function as usual

Mass image analysis

Mass image analysis

It analyzes hundreds of observations of the intruder, at different places and in many different positions. Each alarm is reviewed several times.

Early detection of intruders

Early detection of intruders

It analyzes the event before, during and after the potential alarm.

Beyond intrusion detection

Beyond intrusion detection

Tampering Protection

DFUSION_Xtension is not affected by occasional connection outages

Any alarms sent and not confirmed are resent until confirmation is received.

The DAVANTIS system stores an audit trail of transmissions and receipts of alarms to ensure verified receipt by the CMS.

Our comprehensive, powerful DAVANTIS security architecture has everything covered, controlling the entire detection chain.

Watch more installations with fewer resources

Improve staff efficiency at your Central Monitoring Station..

Scaleable video analytics service.

Better monitoring and control for your site.

It allows to renew the units to convert it into DFUSION.

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