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Solar farms

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Extensive coverage

Solar farms tend to be located in isolated areas—sprawling sites with hectares of land requiring efficient perimeter control. In situations like this, video analytics systems are the best option to guarantee effective perimeter security and protect these valuable assets.

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Cost reduction

Installing physical security equipment is a costly business. On the other hand, video analytics can cover extensive areas with a far lower outlay. Therefore, DFUSION is an excellent alternative for protecting site perimeters for less.

icon Total integration

Total integration with control centres

Our solutions integrate with most CMS, VMS and PSIM, making it possible to manage alarms in real-time and activate security protocols in seconds.

icon Adapted

Adapted to the surroundings

Changing weather conditions and the site's characteristics can be responsible for false alarms. DFUSION adapts to the environment for accurate calibration and precision of the security system.

Image Covering long distances

Covering long distances with minimum resources

Installing fences, cables, sensors, cameras and other tracking and recording devices can be extremely costly when there are kilometres of perimeter to protect. Given these scenarios, video analytics is the best option for intrusion detection and triggering real alarms.

Image AI Anti-Tamper Algorithms

AI Anti-Tamper Algorithms

Outdoor CCTV cameras are exposed to all types of interference and tampering. When long distances are involved, it takes time to react effectively. Our solutions work with specific anti-tampering algorithms based on Deep Learning. Alarms can be triggered in case of technological disruption in the transmission of images by the CCTV camera system.

Image Integration of deterrent systems

Integration of deterrent systems

Whether to prevent access from intruders, theft or vandalism or to deter animals in the area, DFUSION allows you to activate deterrents such as spotlights and IP speakers, irrigation systems, audio messages, etc.

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