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Perfect compatibility for totally efficient alarm verification
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The latest in artificial intelligence

Deep-learning based video analytics detects trespassers instantly, reducing installation and maintenance costs and optimising staff time.

Video analytics system are more efficient than other passive security solutions like barriers, wired and terrestrial sensors, microwave, video, and PIR sensors. Traditional solutions do not distinguish between real security breaches and false alarms.

In contrast, video analytics solutions can detect and verify incidents in real time for an astoundingly low rate of false alarms. And what’s more, they are economical and quick to install.

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Maximum integration with all CRA, VMS and PSIM

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Improves your ROI

Watch more installations with fewer resources

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90% fewer false alarms

Reduces false positives by more than 90%

Verification process

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Having verified the presence of an intruder, the system facilitates remote activation of deterrent devices. Your security staff can use our app to monitor the site and act within seconds.

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With ClickThruTM you always know what triggered the alarm

Our ClickThruTM technology enables alarm monitoring stations to check alarms in a matter of seconds and to react and activate deterrents immediately.

It is an exclusive, simple, efficient system that integrates seamlessly with all alarm management software, CRA, VMS and PSIM.

Total freedom to design the best CCTV installation

Maximum compatibility

Proprietary technology,compatible
with all hardware brands.

Compatible with all CMS, VMS and PSIM.

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