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Receive video analytics events
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 Central Management Software solution

A key strength of Davantis video analytics systems is that we also provide monitoring stations solutions – and these can be either stand-alone or integrated. This means you don’t have to replace any existing video management system because we will integrate our system and not compete with what’s already installed.

The list of monitoring station software products and companies we work with increases all the time and includes the biggest and the best.

Superior speed and total assurance

The point is that whether stand alone or integrated, Davantis adds real power to your system.

Underlying the power of Davantis is the company’s uniquely powerful ClickThru™ technology.

This is a simple 3 mouse clicks alarm management system embedded within the monitoring station which allows proper assessment and appropriate action in just a matter of a few seconds rather than long minutes, the protocol is easy to define and readily changeable.

At Davantis we design all our video analysis and perimeter protection products with our own technology. Davantis video analytics systems can be incorporated into any new or existing video surveillance infrastructure with analog or IP cameras, either visible or thermal, and can be integrated with any hardware manufacturer.

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