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If I had to describe DAVANTIS in one sentence, I would say it’s reliable, it’s trustworthy. DFUSION offers you the solution You need for each project

Bjarte Henning, CEO Focus Security


The technical support that we get from DAVANTIS is second to none. We find the product probably the best in the market

Ed Kohut, Technical Director at Bi3

United Kingdom

This advanced deep-learning-based system is 100% reliable and reduces these false positives to the absolute mínimum

Javier Martínez, Sales Director of Casmar


With DAVANTIS, we have all the tools we need to tackle any security requirement

Ramón Palou, CEO of ONSECUR


I believe is the only dual-engine technology to have CPNI approval, and CPNI is not an easy thing to acquire. It’s an extremely difficult process

Glen Higson, Managing Director Bi3

United Kingdom

We now have an accurate, robust system that gives us peace of mind and a security system we can rely on

Jaume Rigau, Security Advisor of Cortal


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Compatible with all makes of hardware and can be integrated in CMS, VMS and PSIM

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