26 Jan 2023

Cacaolat, chocolate flavoured perimeter security

NIño bebiendo cacaolat

When it comes to protecting industrial production plants, our video analytics are ideal for ensuring an effective response to demanding security and protection needs. That’s why Cacaolat – the most popular chocolate milkshake manufacturer – together with Project Telecom and Integra Netcom, called on DFUSION technology to cover their perimeter security requirements. Get all the details about this installation!

This production plant in Santa Coloma de Gramenet (Barcelona) has a surface area of 51,631 square metres.  The site houses a production area, a bottling area, warehouse (27,100 square metres) and the company’s office. Logistics, transport and personnel are in constant motion on the site. Like most industrial plants, it is on the outskirts of the city, with forests on one side and a power plant on the other.

Cacaolat needed to protect a site housing state-of-the-art machinery, supplies and extremely valuable products. It is essential to detect unauthorised vehicles or individuals to prevent theft, vandalism and other crimes. Likewise, Cacaolat needed a system capable of dealing with changing conditions on the site, and which would help to optimise surveillance and verification processes to protect the entire property.

After assessing and analysing all aspects of the site and its surroundings Project Telecom decided to install DFUSION. This video analytics technology has two powerful detection engines that increase the efficiency and precision of detections, leading to a drastic reduction in false alarms for Cacaolat and the ability to access real-time images to assist the Surveillance Centre.

What’s more, our video analytics make it possible to verify alarms in just seconds, enabling security staff to react immediately to activate deterrents whenever necessary.

Thanks to the versatility of DFUSION, advanced functions have been configured to adapt to the environment, where weather conditions and light tend to be suboptimal.

The staff at DAVANTIS are chocaholics, and we are proud to cover the security needs of a company like Cacaolat, a brand that has been part of our lives since childhood (and which is still our favourite today). We appreciate our installer partner Project Telecom’s confidence in our products, and we will continue to supply it with smart video analytics solutions for maximum industrial and food security. Get more details about this installation here!

DFUSION technology has enabled us to deal with the great challenges of perimeter security, giving an optimal response to our customers.
There is no question that intelligent video analytics is the natural, advanced evolution of video surveillance and CCTV systems.

Samuel Valverde, Business Consultant
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