30 Apr 2021

DAVANTIS protects La Boqueria, Barcelona’s most famous market

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La Boqueria is a bustling, dynamic market and tourist attraction in Barcelona, whose many access points had made it a target for unwanted intruders. It needed a state-of-the-art security system to protect its perimeter. That’s why expert electronic systems integration specialist Tressat decided that DAVANTIS video analytics solutions would be the most effective perimeter security option for keeping unauthorised visitors out when the market was closed to the public.

Customer needs

La Boqueria, an iconic building in Las Ramblas – one of central Barcelona’s busiest pedestrian streets – is a huge market in need of a versatile, efficient system to secure the site perimeter. Easy to access, this sprawling building was a sitting target that required a reliable system to detect unwanted visitors while keeping false positives to a minimum.

Last summer, there were numerous security breaches at the market, which is why, the Barcelona Municipal Markets Institute decided to find a security solution to protect the site. Thanks to the efforts of IMMB and with the advice of the manager of the security firm responsible for La Boqueria, they found a solution to start the project, the result of which was the installation of DAVANTIS maximum security video analytics in the systems.

The DFUSION deep-learning based video analytics system has now been integrated into strategically placed CCTV security cameras to monitor the site and guarantee a high level of surveillance and supervision. DFUSION has drastically improved the system’s capacity to detect intruders and take immediate action to prevent unwanted incidents. 

“DAVANTIS videoanalytics harnesses the power of Deep Learning to design reliable solutions, significantly reducing false positive rates”. Raül Duaigües & Guillem Galimany. Technical direction of the project.

An easy solution for a challenging site

Covering almost 3,000 square metres and housing to 250 traders, La Boqueria provides the best of local and world cuisine in the heart of Barcelona. It is an eclectic, iconic market selling an enormous diversity of local and exotic gastronomic products on stands run by a network of local farmers and traders. The site is in an open square, so perimeter protection is crucial, not only at peak times, but also when the market is closed to the public. Security is therefore an integral component of the day-to-day operation of the market, and perimeter protection was a priority in this project for Tressat.

Video analytics, maximum proactivity

Because DFUSION is a versatile system that integrates with different CCTV and surveillance platforms, it was possible to integrate smart video analytics into the security cameras on the site. 

With DFUSION, Tressat was able to transform a passive CCTV arrangement into a powerful proactive security system. As soon as our video analytics system detects an occurrence, it sends a video clip showing the exact moment. Security staff are only called out in case of a genuine incident, since the entire process is automated.

Looking for a technology partner to manage outdoor perimeter security? Contact DAVANTIS and learn about everything our video analytics solutions can do!


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