22 Feb 2021

Case Study: DAVANTIS protects Singapore Customs and Export Inspection Centres

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DAVANTIS is honoured to be selected as the video analytics of choice for securing Pasir Panjang Export Inspection Centre and Brani Export Inspection Centre.

Singapore Customs, a department under the Ministry of Finance, is the lead agency for trade facilitation and revenue enforcement. Reconstituted on 1 April 2003 to bring together revenue collection and enforcement, trade documentation, trade facilitation and security functions under one agency, Singapore Customs upholds customs and trade laws to build trust in Singapore’s external trading system, facilitate trade, and protect revenue. They play a proactive role in balancing the intricate requirements of trade facilitation, security, and regulatory compliance to strengthen Singapore’s position as a global trade hub trusted by foreign trading partners and businesses operating in Singapore.

DAVANTIS worked with their System Integrators, Force 21 Equipment Pte Ltd to install DFUSION systems; DAVANTIS latest technology at both inspection centres to protect the sites from intrusions. At the same time, the system will also detect if vehicles other than trucks enter the truck inspection lanes.


A new generation of video analytics: Deep Fusion combines market-leading video analytics, with the most advanced Deep Learning technology. A technology, which is able to distinguish between real occurrences and false alarms with the highest level of success ever achieved. In these 2 sites, DFUSION systems were installed to protect the installation.

The alarms generated by the DAVANTIS solutions are sent to Command Centres at both sites simultaneously where the operators can manage the alarms from either station. The equipment is flexible, so users are able change rules and security zones as the installation needs evolves.

Benefits for the installers

• Joint implementation of video analytics solutions by Force21 with the support of DAVANTIS.

• Force21 and DAVANTIS followed up the system together to ensure that everything works perfectly and to fine-tune the details to meet the user’s specific requirements.

• Confidence towards critical installations protection with value-added technology that has proven presence in domestic and international markets.

Benefits for end users

• The installation process is flexible, allowing cameras to be adjusted and configured with ease if needs of the client changes.

• Rapid communication and streamlined alarm delivery

are advantages of the DAVANTIS AMS software used in Central Monitoring Stations.

• The solution is ideal for protecting large, complex sites with a limited amount of equipment and low false alarm rates. It is also scalable, so clients can make further investments in security to upgrade the system to address changing circumstances if the need arises.

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