27 Jan 2021

Case Study: Perimeter Security at EGAT Thailand


EGAT (which stands for Electricity Generating Authority Thailand), this country’s leading electricity company, has chosen DAVANTIS smart technology to manage perimeter security at its power plants in different areas of the country. EGAT needed a video analytics system to control its perimeter and it chose our DFUSION solution for its optimal detection capacity to protect its outdoor installations.

This open field installation would be a challenge for any perimeter security system, not only because of the significant investment of installing cameras and other monitoring infrastructures, but also because of the need for a high rate of success detecting intruders while keeping false alarms to a minimum. These days, smart systems like DFUSION – a video analytics technology based on deep learning – are considered pioneering, effective solutions that reduce costs and increase efficiency through accurate detection.

DFUSION’s detection capacity and alarm check system give users the peace of mind of knowing that they will be alerted in case of a real risk. In collaboration with Point IT Consulting Co.,Ltd​, a leading company that provides security technology solutions to businesses, we integrated our DFUSION video analytics system into all its perimeter cameras.

EGAT: Perimeter security for power plants

EGAT, the leading state-owned electricity generation and transmission company, also sells electricity at high volumes and voltages. It is Thailand’s top energy producer and operates 45 power plants of different sizes with a total installed capacity of approximately 15,757.13 MW.

With this type of infrastructure, the priorities are to ensure effective detection of potential intruders with a high rate of success and low false positives to keep security costs to a minimum. In this case, it needed to guarantee maximum security at power plants and to protect the main headquarters with its buildings and offices in Bangkok, close to the Chao Phraya river. This area, close to the riverbank, has been plagued by theft and vandalism in recent years, because it is frequented by boats that moor close to a protected zone. DFUSION is an effective detection method that uses video analytics for surveillance on the site and in its surroundings, and has proven a perfect fit for EGAT.

Point IT Consulting Co.,Ltd and DAVANTIS: Perimeter security with maximum guarantees

After analysing EGAT’s perimeter security requirements, the Point IT Consulting Co.,Ltd​ integrating company chose our DFUSION video analytics system to boost protection around the perimeter and in zones close to the port. EGAT wanted round-the-clock perimeter surveillance combined with teams of security guards, making DFUSION the most suitable option for ensuring a totally efficient service.

Our deep-learning-based technology allows them to monitor and to alert security staff when an incident occurs. They can track intruders using an automatic tracking system coupled with PTZ cameras. DFUSION allows security staff to follow intruders’ movement in real time, wherever they may be. What’s more, the system is connected to a VMS to monitor cameras, totally integrated with DAVANTIS to send alarms in real time. The installation at EGAT makes it possible to detect intruders in restricted areas, boats approaching restricted zones and triggers the alarm when something is not quite right.

In addition to installing the perimeter security system, security guards and employees have been fully trained, making this a real “turnkey solution”. 

Once again, DFUSION has excelled as the ideal video analytics solution for a complex, critical perimeter security project. Request your free DFUSION Demo!





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