26 Jul 2021

Perimeter security in critical infrastructures

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Critical infrastructure sites require a far higher and more efficient perimeter security than other types of facility, as they are often a target for vandalism and sabotage. Power plants, solar plants, nuclear power plants, water management system, rail transport, banking systems, telecommunications, prisons, and military settlements are examples of critical infrastructures. Any type of intrusion or attack on this type of facility poses a high risk to the security and proper functioning of their systems.

At DAVANTIS we are experts in perimeter security, with a smart video analytics solution based on Deep Learning algorithms that maximise early detection of intruders and sabotage by drastically reducing false alarms. Thanks to our technology and extensive database, our perimeter security software only triggers alarms for real incidents, distinguishing situations that do not pose a threat such as animals, insects, objects, and weather conditions (heavy rain, fog, snow, etc.)

The Benefits of DFUSION for Perimeter Security of Critical Infrastructures:

Better security, lower cost

Protecting large perimeters can be expensive in terms of monitoring and security devices. Our video analytics software makes it possible to monitor and control larger perimeters, while reducing installation costs. Our solution also makes it possible to manage far more facilities with fewer resources.

A more than 90% reduction of false alarms

False alarms in critical infrastructures lead to inefficient human resource management. Activation of security protocols, such as call-out services and surveillance patrols can be a huge burden when combined with false alarms. Our video analytics software is so effective that it dramatically reduces the rate of false alarms.

Artificial Intelligence-Based Video Analytics (Deep Learning)

Deep Learning algorithms maximises the effectiveness of our video analytics solutions, but Deep Learning alone is risky because it focuses on appearance to prevent false alarms, generating dangerous non-detections. Critical infrastructures need maximum security and precise, efficient detection systems, to prevent trespass and sabotage, and avoid the ensuing chaos. DFUSION focuses on appearance and movement by preventing false alarms without missing detections in difficult circumstances or over long distances.



Optimal compatibility

Maximum security facilities tend to use a variety of platforms and technologies to achieve high quality standards. Our video analytics software is fully compatible with all hardware manufacturers and integrates seamlessly with all CRA, VMS and PSIM systems. All our video analysis solutions can transform any CCTV video surveillance system into a state-of-the-art, 100% reliable system for effective perimeter control and protection.

Flexibility with CCTV systems

The outstanding versatility and compatibility of our video analytics software gives installers freedom to design the best CCTV installation, combining any platform and security hardware.
For more than 15 years, DAVANTIS has been managing perimeter security for critical infrastructures with high efficiency (better-than-market) results.

Some of our perimeter security installations are ports and airports, railway systems, solar power plants, prisons, art museums, customs, power stations, towers and telecommunications antennas, oil drilling areas, golf courses and many more.

Critical infrastructures are essential to everyday life. Without an effective physical and technological perimeter security system, these facilities are tempting targets for trespassers and vandals. We specialise in keeping critical infrastructures secure with our artificial intelligence-based video analytics solution. Airports, power stations, military bases, data centres, among others, are secured by our products every day. Find out how DAVANTIS can ensure maximum safety in your critical facilities!




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