21 Sep 2021

Siemens opts for DFUSION for its Perimeter Security

Siemens Caso

In all industrial plants, where the production never stops, it is essential to safeguard the facilities and their surroundings to protect workers as well as valuable equipment and machinery. Prestigious company Siemens now depends on the accuracy of DAVANTIS technology to manage its perimeter security system. Once again, our DFUSION Intelligent Analytics video technology is providing highly precise, real-time intrusion detection and a dramatic reduction in false alarms. Our partnership with IPSEC Engineering Sdn. BHD has led to the design and installation of an outdoor perimeter protection system for the main Customer Service building in Berjaya Park, Malaysia, where all types of repairs to heavy machinery (engines and generators) from throughout the region are carried out.

About the Siemens Customer Services Centre

Siemens is a leading technology provider in Malaysia, offering comprehensive products and solutions for several markets in the national economy. Its strong market penetration and growth have enabled the brand to grow its workforce and acquire more infrastructures in Malaysia. Its main production, repair, and customer service centre was in need of a perimeter protection and security system to prevent vandalism, sabotage, and interference with production.

Siemens Customer Service Centre, in its new location in Berjaya Park, has better access to nearby roads and its proximity to the port area streamlines its business operations which need an intelligent video analytics system for effective perimeter security management. With a built area of 2,230 m2, this Siemens centre provides high quality repair, overhaul, rest, and diagnostic services of all types of technology and heavy machinery. Because there are all types of highly sophisticated machines on the premises, it was of the utmost importance to Siemens to protect its investment with a perimeter security system like DFUSION.

Customer needs

The specialists at Siemens had very demanding security requirements. A safe environment where the company can operate uninterruptedly was crucial on premises that house operators and state-of-the-art machinery for diagnosing and repairing equipment around the clock. A thorough security analysis was carried out with our installer partner IPSec engineering Sdn . BHD, with a mission to guarantee real-time 24/7/365 perimeter security service to ensure rapid detection of intruders and incidents, as well as reduce operational costs and improve security guards’ efficiency by reducing false alarms.

In addition, this being a large site close to easily accessible points such as roads and ports, they wanted the installed perimeter security system to improve the efficiency of the security guards who manage video surveillance systems. The system is perfect for immediate, early management of intruder alerts by triggering deterrents, providing real-time access to images and other benefits to monitor multiple installations with low operating costs. All this is possible thanks to DFUSION, a video analytics system based on artificial intelligence (AI · Deep Learning) that achieves an unprecedented low false alarm rate in the market.

DFUSION: Intelligent Perimeter Analytics Video

To ensure an effective response to the requirements of the Siemens Malaysia project, IPSEC Engineering Sdn. BHD and DAVANTIS designed a DFUSION system-based installation that ensures maximum perimeter protection and cost effectiveness. Thanks to the technological combination of Machine Learning and Deep Learning, DFUSION enables accurate detection based on pre-set rules to avoid tampering, intrusion and other unwanted interference.

The competitive advantage of our DFUSION analysis video system is accurate detection, using advanced algorithms and adjustments to achieve a drastic reduction in false alarms. Smart alarm management entails a real-time verification process, whereby guards can track every situation and make effective decisions. Our accurate perimeter video analytics software not only reduces the operational cost of alarm management, but also savings when installing perimeter security devices for extensive perimeters.

“DAVANTIS solutions are easy and fast to implement, and their video analytics systems offer high performance and accuracy. It’s a perfect solution for perimeter protection,” says Then Luego Nyit Miaw, director of IPSEC Engineering Sdn. BHD.

Put DFUSION video analytics system based on artificial intelligence to the test!. Request a free demo and discover all the benefits of video analytics to maximise your perimeter security and surveillance system on large sites.






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