26 Jul 2021

Perimeter security in the logistics sector for Vardí Group

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Logistics centres loading and unloading facilities require efficient perimeter security systems to keep unwanted visitors attempting to enter the site to steal or destroy property out. In the case of the Vardí Group, a Colombian company that distributes and sells vehicles and heavy machinery, having a smart perimeter security system is a priority. Our DAVIEW S video analytics technology has not only perfected the security system, but it has helped to solve two major problems: reducing the high rate of false alarms and solve the space problem that arises when installing perimeter control devices.

About Grupo Vardí

The Vardí Group is a Colombia-based company with more than 60 years of experience in the country and business operations worldwide. It is renowned for its broad expertise and for its expertise in importing, marketing and distributing vehicles and equipment, after-sales service, spare parts, financing, formalities and insurance. Its presence in the mobility and productivity market, where it sells and distributes vehicles, machinery and related businesses, has allowed the brand to expand its facilities to become a Nissan and Changan vehicle distributor, also selling and renting New Holland, Haulotte, Unicarriers and Topcon industrial machinery business.

Thanks to this diversification, the Vardí Group has extensive facilities housing many vehicles and heavy machinery. Of course, these are essential facilities that need exceptionally reliable video surveillance systems, which must also be accurate and effective, coordinating with security groups to detect unwanted intruders fast.

The customer’s security needs

The Vardí Group premises needed a more efficient perimeter security system that could detect unwanted visitors more quickly. The security system operating until DAVANTIS was installed had photoelectric barriers traditional technology to alert operators to any signs of illegal activity. Given the site characteristics,the system generated a high rate of false alarms and was proving unacceptably expensive due to a large number of callouts. In addition, the use of these photoelectric devices occupied too much space because the barriers had to be located 1.5 m behind the mesh. Thanks to DAVANTIS’s video analysis solutions based on artificial intelligence, the Vardí Group now has a real-time video verification system that guarantees maximum detection, notification and immediate response from control centres.

Video Analytics, ultra-efficient perimeter security

The total integration of our video analytics solutions made it possible to install ten cameras with video analytics technology from our Daview S range. With our technology, each of these cameras is connected to the COLVISEG monitoring centre and integrated in MONIPLUS alarm management software. DAVANTIS’s support for the CRA platform and alarm management software has allowed the design of an effective perimeter protection and security system, dramatically reducing false alarm rates and reducing installation costs.

According to Fredy Leon Bustos, Colviseg’s Electronic Security Manager, “The DAVANTIS system has been brought in to streamline and improve the response of our operators and the safety of our customers”.

Once again, DAVANTIS video analytics solutions exceed expectations for perimeter security efficiency and effectiveness. See more details of this Vardí Group success story.


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