01 Jul 2022

DAVANTIS protects vehicle fleets

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Large sites, irregular perimeters, employees entering and leaving. Businesses like these need intelligent video analysis systems to keep their property and other assets safe. Car and lorry parks and vehicle dealerships are particularly at risk. The automotive sector relies on state-of-the-art technology to achieve the highest levels of security to prevent break-ins and other incidents like theft and vandalism. DAVANTIS has a long, prestigious history with top names in the vehicle parking and dealership sector, with customers like Tradisa and Superwagen opting for its cutting-edge video analytics security systems to protect their valuable assets.

The security needs of this sector are many, since these are sprawling sites and the cost of theft and other incident is devastating. These companies are responsible for extremely expensive goods, which is why they need the most efficient security systems available in the market to prevent the consequences that these incidents entail. The risk of non-detections is dealt with by a highly-precise alarm filter system that prevents these financial disasters and even potential legal liability. When it comes to managing perimeter security in an industry such as this, system designers need to look beyond unwanted visitors to the premises and account for the comings and goings of staff and their routines and timetables to prevent triggering nuisance alarms.

A smart video analytics system like DFUSION ensures speedy detection of unwanted visitors and objects in neighbouring areas. It uses an algorithm that combines movement with the appearance of images for more accurate detection while avoiding the risk of non-detection. DFUSION analyses massive quantities of images uninterruptedly, regardless of their quality, filtering out false alarms with the utmost precision to optimise costs and streamline the work of security staff. It is so adaptable that it can be customised to meet the needs of all types of businesses by setting times when staff enter and leave the building using a specific module.

Looking for an all-round, excellent perimeter security solution for car parks and vehicle dealerships? Need a video analytics technology that will integrate seamlessly with alarm receiving centres and platforms? See what DFUSION can do to maximise security on your site! Check out our success cases.

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