23 Mar 2022

Perimeter security for solar power stations

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Solar farms face significant challenges when it comes to perimeter fence protection. These critical structures need early, reliable security breach detection systems to protect valuable equipment from theft and criminal damage. Smart video analytics systems are the most effective solution for solar plants, providing security at a high level and minimising false alarms, such as those triggered by the wild animals roaming the surroundings. These systems need to cope with the environment and all kinds of weather conditions (rain, snow, wind, etc.). Solar farms tend to be of vast stretches of land on which huge numbers of valuable photovoltaic panels are installed. These solar energy plants tend to be installed in isolated locations, far from towns and cities.

Trespassers, thieves and vandals on solar farms

Understanding the levels of security required by these infrastructures and specific threats to this industry is crucial to design a reliable perimeter security system to stop trespassing, solar panel thefts and equipment damage. Considering their location and the difficulties involved  protecting large areas of land, solar farms are a tempting target for vandals, thieves and saboteurs. For example, criminals try to take away cells, cabling, plant and inverters, destroy solar panels and cause other damage. These are serious concerns for operators and owners of solar farms, causing enormous financial losses and even production stoppages. That’s why solar farms require perimeter security systems based on video analytics that ensure effective protection, both within the site and around the perimeter and the surroundings. Video analytics is the most cost/effective, efficient solution for protecting perimeters.

False alarms: a big issue

False positives are a common problem. They are often caused by roaming wildlife, weather conditions or the effects of rotating solar panels. These false alarms are a nuisance and increase the cost of all perimeter security systems. With DAVANTIS, sites have a video analytics system that adapts to the environment. Its algorithms differentiate between wild animals, rotating solar panels and other circumstances and only notify security personnel when a genuine intrusion is taking place. This reduces the cost of dispatching guards to investigate false threats and leads to more accurate, reliable detection. Our deep learning based video analytics system combines algorithms that analyse the appearance and movement of images for greater precision, weeding out false alarms while alerting to real threats. Our system analyses all images, regardless of quality, even in rainy and foggy conditions, and at night. What’s more, our solutions integrate seamlessly with numerous IP deterrent systems such as floodlights, security LEDS, loudspeakers and more, sending wild animals packing and ramping up protection.

Challenge accepted: video analytics on solar farms

DAVANTIS always has your back and is there for you, every step of the way, assisting in every phase of the security project from design to commissioning. This makes it the most effective security set-up for solar farms and other critical power plants. Thanks to full integration and adaption of the software with all alarm management platforms (CMS, VMS and PSIM), we bring flexibility to Alarm Monitoring Stations. In case of an intrusion, real-time images enable alarm monitoring stations and control centres to view the situation and to trigger an instant reaction, activating security protocols and reducing operating costs when necessary.

Solar Farms protected by DAVANTIS video analytics

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