30 Mar 2023

Perimeter security in ports

Seguridad Perimetral en Puertos

Ports are critical infrastructures that are frequently targets for vandalism, theft and looting and even terrorism. How to deal with port security?

When designing security video surveillance systems for marinas and commercial ports, it is essential to ensure full coverage and adaptation to the complex perimeters that are typical of the layout of ports. This makes video analytics systems based on artificial intelligence a perfect solution for achieving the high levels of security required by such critical infrastructures.

Port environments are always busy with ships entering and leaving, vehicles delivering and collecting goods, energy and raw materials, personnel moving about the facilities, etc., so they require maximum security measures.

Any interference with port activities interferes with the daily flow of supplies to cities. That’s why perimeter control is crucial for the early detection of unauthorised access and for preventing criminal activities, terrorism, and even piracy. At DAVANTIS, we are experts in perimeter security management in critical infrastructures, where port control and protection is one of the sectors with the greatest demand for our DFUSION solutions.

Customised security with video analytics rules

Although all ports have certain common characteristics, each is also totally unique and requires a customized perimeter security system with its own automated security rules. Intelligent video analytics systems offer extensive control and detection coverage, even on complex perimeters. Combining this type of technology with bollards, access barriers, detection sensors, speakers, and other devices raises safety standards to the levels needed by any critical infrastructure.

One outstanding feature of video analytics systems is that they allow alarms triggered by unauthorized events to be verified quickly and accurately. Guards get real-time access to the images captured by the CCTV cameras to verify what has happened and deploy the appropriate security protocols.

Why choose video analytics for ports?

Algorithms based on deep learning allow our technology to detect accurately over long distances and when conditions are extremely rainy, foggy or dark. Ports are complex and have irregular and difficult-to-manage perimeters. Thanks to the compatibility of our video analytics systems, it is possible to fully integrate with any alarm management platform (VMS, PSIM), offering an effective service to control centres.

In collaboration with our installation partners, we have designed robust security systems giving extensive coverage in numerous ports to ensure maximum detection and reduction of false alarms.

Port of Barcelona (Spain)
Located in the northeast of the Iberian Peninsula, on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, the Port of Barcelona is divided into five areas: a citizen port (Port Vell), a commercial port (container loading), a cruise ship port, an energy port and a logistics port. Perimeter security is focused on protecting the more than 1,100 ha occupied by the port, 22.4 km of which are allocated to the berthing line. Our video analytics systems give full coverage and ensure early detection of intruders. In addition, considering the on-site surveillance centres, verifying any alarms triggered to be able to activate the right protocol depending on the situation, is of the essence.

Port of Cádiz (Spain)
The Port of the Bay of Cadiz is located in the mouth of the Strait of Gibraltar, an area where tourist ships circulate as well as boats full of goods. This port occupies more than 219 hectares of sheltered water and 125 hectares of land. It is a port for commercial, fishing, tourist, and nautical sports use that requires intelligent video surveillance systems. The Port of Cádiz Bay relies on DAVANTIS video analytics systems to protect its infrastructure, where a fundamental requirement was to be able to quickly and effectively verify any alarm triggered by unauthorised activities.

The high level of protection provided to critical infrastructures by our technology has enabled us to obtain the International Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure ( CPNI ) certificate that guarantees its effectiveness and quality.

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