01 Jul 2020


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We are delighted to be able to announce a new business collaboration between ÁLAVA INGENIEROS and DAVANTIS. Our partners are entrusting us with their perimeter security projects.

ÁLAVA INGENIEROS is a highly prestigious supplier of advanced technology solutions in scientific, industrial, communication and security settings. With a successful track record spanning almost 50 years, the company has earned recognition and prestige with numerous projects where the technologies supplied have been pivotal to the success of the enterprise.

DAVANTIS has been exclusively specialised in research and development for the last 15 years, creating video analytics-based perimeter security solutions. This specialisation and experience have made us experts. We assign more than 30% of our team to develop new solutions-based proprietary technology which is compatible with all the security systems on the market. DAVANTIS video analytics can detect intruders in demanding settings and at longer distances with an unprecedented reduction in the number of false alarms.

We trust and hope that our agreement will harness the essential skills of both companies and boost the supply of advanced video analytics solutions.

“Álava Ingenieros as an excellent track record supplying the Spanish market with advanced image analytics technologies for industrial process automation applications known as Artificial Vision. The recent agreement with DAVANTIS will broaden our capacity to supply advanced image analysis technologies for physical security applications, particularly perimeter security, with market acclaimed avant-garde solutions.” Martín Gamboa – Business Development



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