02 Sep 2019


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DAVANTIS is offering you a free demo to show how our video analytics solutions for perimeter security can work for you.

DAVANTIS wants to give you the advice you need so that you can benefit from the advantages of video analytics and protect your site perimeter.

Do you have an alarm monitoring station?
With DAVANTIS you’ll always know what triggered the alarm. Our quick and easy alarm verification process allows operators to react within seconds (between 8 and 15 seconds per alarm). In fact, our solutions offer the lowest false alarm rate on the market.

Just click, and our ClickThru technology will send the operator a snapshot, a video and give direct access to the camera that generated the alarm. What’s more, if a real intrusion is detected, the software will enable you to deploy deterrents like lights, water, sirens, loudspeakers, etc, remotely from the alarm monitoring station.

DAVANTIS also has an app, so that security guards can check out possible security breaches on the spot at any time.

Are you a security company?
Our video analytics systems allow you to save on the cost of construction and civil works. What’s more, with automatic detection you will also reduce the high cost of physical surveillance.
Our technicians will provide on-site and remote assistance and support for all your installations. DAVANTIS video analytics solutions for perimeter protection are simple to install and set up. They are compatible with all security devices and systems and are extremely adaptable, among other advantages. You can use them with any new or existing CCTV system.

Very importantly, DAVANTIS is compatible with all hardware manufacturers and can be integrated in all CRA and PSIM control centres.

Let our expert team advise you and find you the best solution. We’ll be there to assist you throughout the project, and we provide personal follow up and training to ensure that you get the most from your video analytics system.  

Request your demo now and start experiencing real security with our technology.
Choose quality, choose DAVANTIS.




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