07 Jan 2019

DAVANTIS launches a new website


DAVANTIS revamps its online image

DAVANTIS has upgraded its website to give users an even better experience. We are determined to secure your facilities with our video analytics and perimeter security systems. To ensure you get the most from our products, we become fully committed to our customers. We needed our website to show it!

The home page contains details of the main surveillance solutions and the types of Daview suitable for your space and the facility you want to protect. It is also easy to access the home page with our app and to see alarms with snapshots and push notifications and see what is happening live through your cameras, among other features.

The menu at the top of the new website contains comprehensive information about DAVANTIS: equipment specifications, video surveillance, our partners, videos explaining the different features, a schedule of training courses, the company’s news and channels of communication.

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