28 Jan 2021

Holicong Security: new partner in the USA

Blog Feb Holicong

We welcome Holicong Security from Pennsylvania USA, as one of our most recent security integrator partners. For over 60 years, Holicong Security has protected people and properties, by providing security solutions tailored to the needs of their customers.

They don’t believe in one size fits all security, and don’t cut corners when lives and properties are at stake. They recently installed their first DAVANTIS DFUSION analytics server project for a high-profile private customer. The solution significantly outperformed the previous analytics product on site, not missing a detection and with very few false positives, making the technicians jobs easier on site, with the end result being a happier, more secure client. This is a perfect-fit solution in a very challenging environment.

“DAVANTIS provided a solution when no one else could, giving the client the peace of mind they were seeking”. Buena Silverman, President of Holicong Security.

DFUSION: Video analytics for perimeter security

Reducing false positives when it comes to managing and verifying alerts is a concern shared by the security sector the world over. It is of particular importance in complex installations where plant life, lighting conditions and even the characteristics of the site can trigger numerous false alarms. That’s why it is crucial to install efficient video analytics solutions to guarantee perimeter security. That is why Holicong Security decision – our new security integrator partner, has decided to offer its customers DFUSION video analytics technology.

The team at Holicong was extremely pleased with the ease of installation for the technical staff and how user friendly the product was for the client. Such a great improvement over other types of analytics we previously used. 

Holicong Security’s service philosophy makes it a perfect fit with the DAVANTIS method of developing proprietary smart technology for perimeter security.

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