08 Oct 2020

More than 4,500 projects created with Site Planning Tool

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Since its launch six months ago, more than 800 companies worldwide have designed and planned their security projects with our Site Planning Tool.  

This powerful tool is used to:

• Create projects with all types of day/night cameras with different lenses from all manufacturers used in the security sector with regards the thermal format
• Import and export projects from the same sharing tool designs with our experts
• Export PDF of your project and customise it with your corporate logo to share with your customer and create reports
• Show where to position your cameras precisely with GPS coordinates.
• Know the exact detection distance of each camera used with the corresponding lens, according to the DAVANTIS licence to be used (DAVIEW S / DAVIEW LR / DFUSION / DFUSION PRO / MINI)
• Determine the coverage angle for optimal detection in the horizontal plane
• Set blind zones so as not to leave dead spots when protecting your perimeter

With our Site Planning Tool, you can simulate a perimeter protection system and determine your clients’ real needs without relying on an external company.

At DAVANTIS we offer a consulting service to guide you through all stages of your project. If you still have questions, please contact us and we’ll show you how it works.

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