23 Apr 2021

New partner in the USA – Video Alarm Solutions

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DAVANTIS is pleased to announce it has a new international partner: security firm Video Alarm Solutions has become our first certified integrator in Oklahoma, USA. Welcome on board!

Video Alarm Solutions provides its customers with seamlessly integrated security systems. It also specialises in mobile security solutions for the construction industry, guaranteeing effective surveillance and control measures. Committed to working with smart technology, Video Alarm Solutions has chosen a Davantis video analytics solution to manage perimeter security at a well-known local university.

The brief was to detect and deter unauthorised access to the site, so Daview MINI technology has proven an excellent choice for detecting incidents,  generating alerts, and activating deterrents. In fact, this Davantis video analysis system and the mobile security unit have succeeded in reducing false alarms while improving security on the site.

Daview MINI is an extremely versatile product that integrates seamlessly into any security system. It works with a 12 V DC power supply, making it an excellent solution for mobile security systems. It is ideal for monitoring schools, colleges and construction sites that use mobile surveillance equipment to monitor their perimeters. Building sites are protected from unauthorised access, vandalism, damage and theft of valuable materials and equipment.

By implementing the DAVANTIS solution, Video Alarm Solutions reduced the number of false alarms, while allowing security agents to immediately activate deterrent measures in case of a real incident. According to Antonio Dominguez, president of Video Alarm Solutions: “DAVANTIS has dramatically reduced our false-positive rates, which has reduced monitoring costs, speed up response times, and improved customer satisfaction. With this advanced technology and the assistance of the DAVANTIS team, we have improved our security systems tremendously. We are delighted to have partnered with DAVANTIS to bring its smart video analytics solutions to the Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, Kansas and Missouri markets.”

DAVANTIS looks forward to working with Video Alarm Solutions on future installations and perimeter security systems projects. Learn more about Daview MINI!

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