11 May 2020

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade!

Blow Situacion

DAVANTIS is here for you, even during a global pandemic… We’ve been provided some ‘entertainment’ for furloughed employees with free remote training courses, product resentations and even live demos to occupy their time during the confinement and many have taken us up on the offer to update their video analytics technology know-how.

Nobody ever imagined this would happen. Companies have furloughed large numbers of staff, or their teams are working from home on essential tasks, so we wanted to tell you how DAVANTIS has made the best of a bad situation.

Firstly, our sales team has gone virtual, utilising online meeting platforms to host product presentations, ‘live’ demonstrations, and even technical training. Remote employee training does not violate government restrictions, and our online webinars have proven popular. This meeting format has allowed us to reach out to larger numbers of clients who are twiddling their thumbs and want to make good use of their time. With more free time, people are getting around to doing things which are important but not at the top of the “to-do” list.

Our remote-desktop solution can be connected to a network with an internet connection and controlled remotely. With firewall security, user authentication and passwords, all you need is a simple internet connection for customers to connect to cameras emotely and evaluate our perimeter security video analytics.

The customer feedback on the product presentations of our new DFUSION AI-enabled video analytics has been amazing, confirming that we have a video analytics solution that takes performance, accuracy, and ease of commissioning to a new level. Our live real-world comparisons have given tremendous results and have brought in new business.

We have reached out to more than 1500 people worldwide with one-hour sessions, which would be difficult and costly to achieve by salespeople travelling to meet individual companies. The sessions have been so successful that there are more monthly events planned on different aspects of analytics topics going forward, all supported by DAVANTIS accredited training courses!

There is no question that the world will never be the same again. Things are far from ‘normal’ and big changes are ahead, but there are some real positives to be gained from overcoming these challenges. Staying at home and abiding by government uidelines have not stopped all businesses from operating. In some sectors, like education, there may be a much-needed reform and working at home may become more common. In the meantime, DAVANTIS is still here, keeping people and companies saf. We are determined to keep moving, whatever may lie ahead. We hope for a swift and smooth return to some level of safe normality to allow businesses and families to recover.



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