25 May 2021

WPN & DAVANTIS: High Security Projects

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There are several factors to consider when designing a perimeter security system. Immediate intruder detection is crucial, but so is a low rate of false alarms and streamlined integration with the video analytics system. DAVANTIS uses technical know-how to ensure our perimeter security solutions satisfy the expectations of end-users, alarm monitoring stations and installers. That’s why we want to celebrate our year-long alliance with professional security company WPN and look forward to future collaboration on many more critical infrastructure installations.

Our perimeter video analytics solutions detect trespassers and incidents in record time while cutting false alarms to extremely low rates and reducing the expense involved in managing incidents. 

WPN – Waypoint Network AG is a Swiss company founded in 1999 as a network of professional integrators, alarm monitoring stations and other security systems. Its professionalism has earned it an excellent reputation and it has won some major security contracts for which it has selected our smart video analytics solutions. During the last year, DFUSION and DAVIEW have been integrated in several WPN perimeter security projects with outstanding results.

Why DAVANTIS? In the words of WPN founder and CEO Christian Klier, “We have been collaborating with DAVANTIS in an excellent partnership to create high performance perimeter surveillance systems. Their solutions ensure the highest level of reliability and security on the complex sites and projects managed by WPN. The new DFUSION solutions are outstanding for reducing false positives and their detection results are excellent. Not only does DFUSION increase the effectiveness of DAVANTIS video analytics, but it also brings obsolete infrastructures right up to date, transforming them into state-of-the-art technology with no large-scale investments”.

Through this collaboration with WPN, DAVANTIS has improved results on high-risk sites and critical infrastructures. Country Manager Stefan Teuber said, “We have worked on several projects with WPN. They are experts in high security project management, and this collaboration has enabled us to assess and implement perimeter protection projects for critical infrastructures in Switzerland together with great success”.

DAVANTIS is celebrating a year of collaboration with WPN, a loyal and highly professional partner for any perimeter security project. Get the most from your video surveillance system for perimeter security in critical infrastructures!


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