01 Jul 2022

ONVIF, maximum integration and effectiveness guaranteed

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Ensuring total compatibility with all perimeter hardware and software security systems is a top priority for our solutions. Our development team works non-stop to ensure real integration and compatibility with alarm management platforms, hardware, deterrents, and thermal, optical and dual CCTV cameras. In addition, DAVANTIS constantly works to streamline compatibility with ONVIF. It has also added new functions to improve efficiency and integrate our video analytics solutions for use in all types of perimeter security systems. 

What is ONVIF? ONVIF facilitates the integration of IP-based security and safety devices using a global open standard. In other words, ONVIF profiles are defined to address compatibility issues by standardising communication between security devices, rather than each manufacturer defining its own protocols. ONVIF is a project by the main manufacturers to create an easier path for software developers to integrate with and maintain support for IP cameras. 
Our video analytics solutions ensure total compatibility with all the hardware components and software in any perimeter security system. Based on this premise, we believe it is essential to guarantee constant technological development to ensure our compatibility with ONVIF. That way, installers can count on full adaptation and efficiency through new functions that achieve the highest protection and perimeter control standards. 
We are committed to furthering ONVIF interoperability by extending the scope of our smart video analytics surveillance solutions. One good example is the incident generation process, i.e., allowing different alarm systems to receive and manage alarms sent by our DFUSION SOLUTIONS through the ONVIF protocol. This means everything works as one integrated system, coming together to provide even more control, convenience, cost savings and efficiency. 
Looking for a video analytics system for smart perimeter protection from break-ins, vandalism and theft? DFUSION is what you are looking for! Maximum efficiency and a drastic reduction in false alarms.



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