29 Mar 2021

New integration with Gemini by Bold Communications

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DAVANTIS has launched its new integration with Gemini by Bold Communications. From now on, Gemini alarm monitoring software users can receive alerts generated by our video analytics system to further improve perimeter security on their premises.

Brian Kelly, MD, Bold Communications, commented, “False alarms waste operators’ time, they can delay the handling of genuine alarms and clog up the system. Minimising them is an essential priority for monitoring control rooms. Davantis technology in the Bold platform helps filter out false and nuisance alarm activations, improves efficiency and quality of service, and is a popular solution among Gemini users.”   

Gemini: Alarm Monitoring Software

Gemini is a new generation alarm monitoring software that offers an innovative management platform for monitoring stations and operations. It is a very powerful security system that automates the entire security, fire prevention and worker management process. The most innovative feature of Gemini is its operator guidance system for sorting out incidents. 

Thanks to the versatility of DAVANTIS systems, integrating our video analytics system with the Gemini platform maximises the ability of CCTV to detect intruders with a low rate of false alarms. This integration is totally streamlined, allowing users to access live videos and clips before capture before the alarm, enabling operators to trigger specific security profiles, send audio alerts to activate deterrents, and a host of other useful features.

Get full details of the DAVANTIS integration with Gemini software by Bold.

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