22 Feb 2021

New Geutebrück G-Core integration

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Geutebrück USA is pleased to announce that the full integration between DAVANTIS Analytics solutions and Geutebrück’s VMS Software is complete. We are confident that our partners here in the US and, those around the world, will benefit from the industry leading performance of DAVANTIS Video Analytics and Geutebrück Video Management Solutions”. J. Terry Ottinger President

From now on, all Geutebrück G-Core video management platform users can receive alarm events generated by our video analytics solutions. This new integration shows the versatility of the DFUSION video analytics system for perimeter security. 

Geutebrück is an expert in video management solutions for security services. With an excellent track record supplying state-of-the-art systems to large companies, it guarantees tight security and effective protection from all types of intruders, protecting from damage and vandalism caused by trespassers. And to provide customised, efficient solutions, Geutebrück G-Core manages video images with our DFUSION solution.

The Geutebrück G-CORE – DAVANTIS integration verifies alarms more quickly and supports facility monitoring through fast, accurate false alarm management. The combination optimises internal monitoring, surveillance resources and processes. The integration has the flexibility to incorporate technical and intruder alarms, with real-time camera access and video recovery (retrospective recording).

DAVANTIS specialises entirely in video analytics for perimeter protection. For more than a decade, our experts have researched smart technologies and developed deep-learning algorithms to achieve maximum effectiveness detecting perimeter intrusions using video analytics. The DFUSION solution is remarkably successful at reducing false alarms, achieving unprecedented reliability in the perimeter security sector, detecting intruders in even highly challenging circumstances, covering long distances.

Now you can now receive and manage incidents from DAVANTIS video analytics systems using the Geutebrück G-Core platform. For more information, download the datasheet! 

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