02 Nov 2021

New Integration with Nx Witness VMS

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Our video analytics solutions are fully compatible with all security platforms and hardware, making it possible to upgrade any CCTV installation into a smart perimeter security system. This time, we are delighted to announce that our video analytics solutions integrate perfectly with the Nx Witness VMS platform, improving perimeter security and controlling costs by reducing false alarms.

The Nx Witness VMS video management system (VMS) / multiplatform IP video surveillance system is incredibly quick and easy to use. It is the ideal platform for discovering, seeing, recording and managing IP video cameras to monitor, analyse and react to critical events in real-time. This efficient video surveillance software is capable of managing 99% of IP video devices. This DAVANTIS integration makes it possible to prevent all types of events, such as detections, tampering, for activation of all types of security protocols with total precision. Our video analytics system also improves and optimises alarm verification and response to activate deterrents and deploy security staff and other measures in case of a real threat.

DAVANTIS offers the perimeter security sector cost-effective solutions and technological excellence through smart video analytics solutions. Our extensive experience in the security sector means we can anticipate the needs of installers and alarm monitoring stations (AMS), offering solutions to optimise resources (ROI) and improve video surveillance installations using deep learning-based technology. Both DFUSION and our DAVIEW range are an exceptional combination with the Nx Witness VMS video management system. Are you an Nx Witness VMS security management user? Try DFUSION! Request your Free Demo.
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