25 May 2021

New integration with HikCentral Professional

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The security industry has become extremely sophisticated, and video surveillance security cameras must be fine-tuned for the most effective response. Hikvision specialises in anticipating sector needs, in fact the HikCentral Professional system makes it possible to integrate security systems to standardise video surveillance system management, access control, security alarms and more. Its software can combine numerous systems in a single architecture for highly efficient incident management and smart decision making. DAVANTIS collaborates with Hikvision on these developments to ensure seamless integration with our video analytics solutions.

DAVANTIS and Hikvision have been adapting and integrating systems for several years. Our smart technologies and perimeter security solutions have improved effectiveness and drastically reduced false alarm rates in systems connected to HikCentral platform. With the launch of HikCentral Professional, we have upgraded our technological integration to supplement the effectiveness and precision of all video surveillance security integrations.

According to Pablo Campos, Technical Manager at Hikvision, “the HikCentral Professional open platform is growing continuously with new partner integrations. This Davantis video analytics integration is the result of a long-standing close collaboration between both companies in recent years, leading to numerous successful projects. This new development makes it possible to interact seamlessly with both platforms to offer our customers better solutions”.

Once again, DAVANTIS has come up with a state-of-the-art technological development to optimise early intruder detection and reduce false alarms in perimeter security. Contact our expert team for advice on how to improve your video surveillance system. Request a demo here!

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