03 Aug 2022

New integration with March Networks (VMS)

march networks

At DAVANTIS, we always seek the maximum compatibility and integration of our video analytic systems with any alarm management platform such as ARCs, VMS and PSIM. In this case, our video analytics systems are 100% integrated with the VMS of March Networks to provide maximum efficiency, fast alarm management and cost optimisation. Like any video platform, March Networks aims to store all types of video and images captured by CCTV cameras. In addition, the March Networks interface allows real-time viewing of events.

The versatility of March Networks VMS allows the design of various video security system architectures. As a result, this platform is used by numerous companies that seek maximum effectiveness in managing their security systems. DFUSION video analytics are integrated with the March Networks platform to send images and precisely manage detections and alarms. With this integration, our video solution improves alarm management and optimises alarm verification and resolution for surveillance and security teams. In addition, DFUSION dramatically reduces false positives and optimises operating costs.

Using the March Networks VMS platform in your CCTV security installations, you can now easily integrate our intelligent video analytics technology.

Download our data sheet and upgrade your recording, monitoring and alarm management system with DFUSION!

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