25 May 2021

New Deep Learning algorithms to prevent tampering with CCTV systems

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Video analytics for perimeter protection tends to focus entirely on detecting intruders. Although the primary purpose of perimeter security systems is to keep trespassers and vandals out, their outdoor location leaves them vulnerable to tampering. Sabotage can render cameras useless, which is why DAVANTIS is convinced that sabotage detection is basic to have an effective and reliable perimeter protection system to guarantee security for end-users.

To solve this problem, DAVANTIS has developed Deep Learning algorithms to deal with all types of incidents and attempts at sabotage quickly and efficiently.

We are delighted to announce that our research and development team has devised a new sabotage detection algorithm with all the benefits of DFUSION technology, based on state-of-the-art Deep Learning techniques. The new algorithm detects any attempt at sabotage based on an extensive database of real-life cases. The result? Our false alarm rate leaves all other options in the market standing.

Want to protect your property and security cameras from sabotage? Losing patience with false alarms and want a more effective and efficient perimeter security system? Our team cannot wait to explain how our new, improved DFUSION algorithms can protect your system from all types of tampering!




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