24 Oct 2022

Perimeter Security: Thermal or Day/Night cameras?

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In any CCTV monitoring system, it is up to the installer to decide on the type of camera to use. There are numerous types of camera on the market, such as thermal cameras, day/night cameras, and the so-called dual cameras. The choice of one type or another in a perimeter security system affects image quality which, in turn, has repercussions on the ability to detect intruders in protected areas. But how do I know which camera to choose for each perimeter intrusion detection system? Which is the best option for video analytics surveillance? Read on because this article will answer all your questions.

Thermal Camera or Day/Night camera?

Before we come to a decision, let’s look at the differences. Thermal cameras use infra-red technology to create images of heat sources. They work by detecting the infra-red radiation emitted by all objects, people, and animals, achieving long detection ranges (+120 metres). This is a great option for video surveillance when managing security in areas with no or poor lighting, or in areas with extensive perimeters where the use of this technology can reduce civil works costs.

It’s a fact that thermal cameras have these advantages over day/night cameras, however, this is more expensive security equipment, which can be an unnecessarily expensive security investment in the absence of the above conditions.

Day/night cameras – the most commonly used cameras in CCTV installations – enable you to get the most from your DFUSION video analytics surveillance system, with enhanced quality and higher resolution images.

Our DFUSION technology harnesses these features to boost reliability and reduce false alarms to unprecedented levels in the industry.

There is no question that these cameras are most useful on smaller sites or large non-linear perimeters.

Advantages of combining day/night cameras with video analytics

1. Higher resolution for better quality colours and textures

2. Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) video security cameras provide significantly better contrast in dark or dim areas.

3. More precision and fewer false alarms

4. Highly efficient event management receiving and monitoring intruders by Central Monitoring Stations with high quality images.

5. Fully adaptable to complex environments (adverse weather conditions, irregular perimeters).

6. Excellent performance with lower costs

If you are looking to get better protection from your perimeter alarm system, combine our video analytics software with day/night and IR camera and benefit from better false alarm detection and filtering at a lower cost than using thermal cameras alone. Interested? Contact us!





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