27 Jan 2021

DFUSION: Deep learning in perimeter video analytics

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There’s no question that the terms artificial intelligence (AI) and deep learning are everywhere in today’s technology press. Numerous technology enterprises are using artificial intelligence to upgrade their solutions to provide superior efficiency and efficacy. DAVANTIS has been developing a deep-learning-based technology system designed to provide a highly efficient video analytics in perimeter security solution for years now.

What are the advantages of deep learning in video analytics? How does deep learning make any perimeter security system more efficient? Discover how DFUSION can detect intruders more efficiently than ever before!

As well as having superb intruder detection capabilities, DFUSION integrates seamlessly and is completely compatible with all video management and monitoring systems available in the market. Flexible installation and streamlined start-up procedures make it easy to upgrade your intruder verification process and benefit from an excellent reduction in false alarms. This technology keeps costs down by reducing call outs for security guards and avoids disturbing staff unnecessarily with false alarms.

DFUSION can analyse images and determine whether it is looking at a person, vehicle, animal, or another object in the camera’s field of vision. These qualities mean that the perimeter monitoring and control system performs with maximum precision, discarding all false alarms triggered by insects, weather conditions (storms, high winds) and so on.

Deep Learning works by building neural networks similar to those in the human brain, equipping machines with artificial intelligence and continuous learning (machine learning) abilities.

How does Deep Learning work? Deep Learning uses algorithms that link hundreds of characteristic and judgement phrases, blending them to achieve very deep, complex architectures.

Even so…. Deep Learning alone is not enough

DFUSION uses Deep Learning combined with a massive database of real detection situations built over more than 15 years, for maximum perimeter security efficiency. Our expert technical team ensures that our proprietary detection intruder detection technology and artificial intelligence combine perfectly with the new generation of video analytics systems by DAVANTIS.


When it comes to video analytics systems for perimeter security based on deep learning, image quality is the main drawback. Outdoor perimeter surveillance and control systems tend to capture poor quality images, which hinders any video analytics system’s efficiency. However, the combination of our proprietary detection technology and machine learning techniques enables us to work with all types of images. We can detect complex intrusions at long distances. DFUSION improves video analytics with cameras and makes it possible to define specific solutions adapted to each installation, whether critical, industrial, or residential.

With DAVANTIS, all your projects are secure. We tailor our technology to suit your company’s needs to reduce the rate of false alarms and guarantee that all intruders are detected. Enjoy security and peace of mind in your company with DFUSION AI technology.

Are you looking for an efficient perimeter security solution for your company? Entrust the security of your installations and property to DFUSION. Book your demo here!



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