30 Dec 2020

DFUSION Perimeter Security: Heavy rain? Poor lighting?


All perimeter security systems require smart technology to detect intruders. Speedy detection of incidents and intruders makes it possible to take protective and security measures to prevent theft and vandalism. Today’s video surveillance systems are equipped with robust recording and surveillance circuits such as CCTV for perimeter control, however, adverse weather conditions can make them less effective. 

The fact is that because they are outdoors, perimeter security systems are exposed to all types of weather conditions, which may potentially interfere with image quality and efficient intruder detection. Weather conditions influence all types of video analytics systems, particularly phenomena like rain which can interfere with image quality and clarity, not to mention fog, mist, and poor lighting conditions. That’s why DAVANTIS uses deep-learning-based technology to achieve the most efficient detection possible through video analytics.



By analysing the number of false alarms received every day by alarm monitoring stations, we establish whether these increase in case of storms and high winds. A leaf blowing in front of a camera lens can trigger an alarm, as can heavy rain casting dark shadows and other similar situation caused by weather conditions. DAVANTIS is committed to reducing false alarm rates, avoiding unnecessary alerts and wasting law enforcement and private surveillance officers’ time, all of which are costly for security companies. That’s why our DFUSION video analytics solution is based on deep learning, to prevent incidents and false alarms triggered by heavy rain and high winds.

DFUSION is an effective technological solution for perimeter security, which makes it simple and easy to check whether there is a real threat to the premises under surveillance. The moment the alert is triggered, the operator has access to videos to determine whether the danger is real. DFUSION is smart technology that has access to an extensive database of knowledge of all types of intruders and false alarms, which enables it to analyse and determine whether this is a real intruder, thus reducing false alarms to a minimum.

See how DFUSION works for yourself! The following video shows how DAVANTIS video analytics technology works during heavy storms and poor lighting conditions. As soon as the system detects the movement of an intruder, the alarm is triggered, and the incident is filmed and verified by the alarm monitoring station.
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