05 Feb 2020

From Deep Learning to Deep Fusion

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Ready to discover a new generation of video analytics? 

DAVANTIS has launched DFUSION, a system that combines its traditional video analytics experience in the market with the industry’s most advanced Deep-Learning based technology. Our research and development team has succeeded in reducing false alarms to unprecedented levels in the perimeter security sector. 

DFUSION is quick and easy to install with very few setting adjustments and provides incredibly precise detection in difficult settings and at very long distances. 

What’s more, we’ve approved the advanced features and developed the ATK PRO module, an automatic tracking system that includes DEEP FUSION technology. 

Nothing will ever be the same again! DFUSION is the result of more than 15 years of research and development and is already revolutionising the world of video analytics. 

Discover our video analytics solution and have it all!



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