24 Apr 2023

Maps in action
The efficiency is in the details

Maps in action Video Analytics

DAVANTIS is committed to technology and perimeter security, hence the launch of a new module for our video analysis systems that streamlines security operations and optimises surveillance and protection standards. See the DFUSION Maps module in action!

Maps in action Vídeo Análisis Seguridad

Detect, visualise and act

To facilitate perimeter alarm verification in Control Centres, we have added a module to our DFUSION and DFUSIONPRO systems called “Maps in action”. The module locates all the CCTV cameras installed on the site on a map, particularly cameras that trigger alarms. This gives surveillance and security teams real-time access and details of the location where an intrusion is detected.

Nunca la gestión de múltiples cámaras y grandes superficies fue tan fácil - en

Managing multiple cameras and large sites has never been simpler

Security management is a complicated task, especially on sites with hundreds of CCTV cameras, sensors, deterrent equipment (spotlights, speakers) and other access control devices. The addition of DFUSION’s Maps in Action makes real-time access and monitoring of cameras that trigger alerts a simple process. Live map enables operators to see the intrusion zone easily. This means accessing the area of interest through accurate and real geographical images.

Accurate locations with real-life images

It is impossible to know the exact location of all the cameras and security elements installed in a perimeter video surveillance installation. Hence, Maps in Action simplifies the security and action process.


When an alarm is triggered, you can access the exact location of the camera where the event was generated with just one click. It also provides information about the status and fields of view to give real-time access to the incidents or emergencies that have activated the alert. Triggered alarms are displayed directly on the map, where the live image can be accessed so that security protocols can be activated.


Maximum security with just one click

How does DFUSION Maps in Action tighten security and make video surveillance easier?

  • It allows operators to visualise the activity of a CCTV system on a live map.
  • It displays all cameras on a map, giving access to all installed security items.
  • It changes the status of cameras that trigger alarms, alerting operators.
  • You can drag and zoom on the map for more detailed information.
  • Allows map and satellite views. Supports full-screen mode.
  • Supports technical alarms and user control.
  • It is compatible with the DAVANTIS Site Planning Tool (project planning) platform.
  • Operators can access the live images from a camera on the map.
  • Hotspot Mode: automatic camera activation detects the alarm for live images of the situation.

Activate the Maps in Action module in your DFUSION and DFUSIONPRO systems to monitor the activity of your video perimeter analysis installation from a map in real-time. Harness the full potential of your video surveillance service!



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